Benefits of gaining weight

Published: 19th January 2010
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People usually want to lose weight in order to be more attractive. You will be surprise if someone tells you he or she wants to lift weight. Actually, there are many benefits of gaining weight. Here are some of them:
1. Weight-gaining can reduce bone-loss rate. As you may know, women over 35 lose 1% of their bone every year. The situation for men has no difference. By gaining weight, people can lower the bone loss rate to 0.5% or even reverse the process.
2. For many skinny people, weight gaining is their goal. Nobody like a weak, lifeless man or woman. Gain some extra weight can make a woman be more attractive. Meanwhile a burly man can easily conquer any woman.
3. Overweight people have heart problem and so do skinny ones. Don't be surprise. Researches show that gaining weight can lower the risk of having heart attack. The weight gaining process will lower some bad cholesterol in your body and reduce blood pressure.
4. Gaining too much weight is a problem. However, it's a good sign if you can gain weight naturally. Gain weight is natural. The added weight tells you that your metabolism is working properly.
As you can see, gaining weight has many profits and. Many people eat less in order to keep a good shape. Unfortunately, reduce your daily intake to keep your shape is a fatal misunderstanding. Your body will be skinner and skinner day after day. If you want to have a good shape, you should do more exercise. Don't be afraid of gaining weight because naturally, it's a good thing.

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